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24 hours in Goiânia with Bomde

An excellent itinerary for you to enjoy the capital of Goiás

Goiânia is a city bursting with attractions. Delightful cuisine, several architectural archives and loads of friendly people quickly win over visitors to the city, which boasts the highest number of square meters of greenery per resident in Brazil. 🌳


Come along with Bomde for an amazing 24 hours in Goiânia! 😉



Foto de Goiânia



Ei, Goiânia! Não deu pra segurar a barra, então eu voltei!” 

Leandro & Leonardo


Good morning, Goiânia!



Who doesn’t love a scrumptious breakfast to get the day started? It sets the right mood for the day, doesn’t it?


If you’re interested in comfort and variety, a golden tip is the variety of fresh delights served for breakfast at the Golden Tulip Goiânia Address, a superbly located hotel set within one of the finest regions of the capital. Breads, cakes, juices and much more are sure to add more flavor to your day. 😀


Empada do Alberto
Empada from @empadadoalberto


However, if your adventuring spirit is up early, you should certainly pop in at the Goiânia Central Market. There are over 100 vendors trading local products you’ll just love. It’s a great place to try a traditional Goiânia empada pie. ❤ Empada do Alberto is famous and they say that visiting Goiânia and not trying his empadas is like visiting São Paulo and not trying the baloney sandwich. Now you know, right? Not to be missed. 😉


10 AM – Time to explore!



One of the benefits of Goiânia is that a lot of the best tourist spots are closely grouped. That means it is worth doing the cultural itinerary through the city by shared bicycles. . Get started at Praça Cívica Doutor Pedro Ludovico Teixeira (considered the initial keystone in the construction of the city). The setting of many anniversary festivals celebrating Goiânia, the square has also been the scene of cultural, religious and political demonstrations in the capital since its foundation. It is a place rich in history and culture! 😁


While enjoying the visit to Praça Cívica, be sure to drop in at the Museu Goiano Zoroastro Artiaga, the first established in the city. Created in 1946, the museum is a benchmark when it comes to the history of Goiás, with a collection that includes archives and documents related to the Indigenous culture and mining, showcasing the cultural diversity of the state.


Traveling down Avenida Goiás (one of the first avenues constructed), you’ll come across a few other points part of the cultural tour, with highlights including The Grande Hotel, the bandstand and the Bandeirante Monument (at the cross-section with Avenida Anhanguera). If you hop on your bicycle and head down Avenida Anhanguera, you arrive at Beco do Codorna. The space is an open-air gallery filled with colors and inspiration. It is also the headquarters of the Goiás Grafitti Artist Association. Besides art, which is spellbinding in itself, Beco do Codorna also hosts a variety of artistic and cultural activities. It’s worth a visit! ❤



Beco do Codorna
Beco do Codorna. Photo: @femendesvinhal


Praça Cívica Doutor Pedro Ludovico Teixeira
Praça Cívica Doutor Pedro Ludovico Teixeira. Photo: @circuitopracacivica
Museu Goiano Zoroastro Artiaga
Museu Goiano Zoroastro Artiaga. Photo: @seducegoias


Monumento ao Bandeirante
Bandeirante Monument. Photo: Wikimedia Commons



12 PM – Lunchtime



After pedaling around a bit and discovering all the gems of Goiânia, it’s time to try the gastronomical delights of the capital.



The Chão Nativo restaurant is an excellent option if you’re looking to try local fare. The decor is reminiscent of traditional farms, with a real rural vibe. Among the dishes (there are over 50 options!) are favorites like the Goiânia empadão, tropeiro-style beans, roast pork with crackling and much more. Farm flavors in a unique experience! 😀


The Carne de Sol 1001Bar and Restaurantis an excellent option for lunch. Traditional food at a fair price with loads of options are just some of the attractions.


If you’re after something a little more refined, Coco Bambu Flamboyant is the right choice. A relaxed setting and the finest cuisine, the best bet here is the house shrimp, one of the restaurant’s specialties. 😉

Chão Nativo Restaurant


Carne de Sol 1001 - Bar e Restaurante
Carne de Sol 1001 – Bar e Restaurant


Coco Bambu Flamboyant
Coco Bambu Flamboyant


2 PM – A tour through the parks!



As Goiânia is famed for its number of trees, of course we have a few special tips for you to enjoy the parks, some sunshine and get a little closer to nature.


Lago das Rosas is the oldest park in Goiânia. There is a lake, peddle boats, a jogging track, observation point, playground and much more. An added attraction when visiting the park is the city zoo, located on banks of Lago das Rosas. The next stop is Bosque dos Buritis, a wooded area home to the Goiânia Art Museum, the monument to Freedom by artist Siron Franco and a rich diversity of vegetation and even wild fauna. Just so much love!


Another spot you cannot miss are the Goiânia Botanical Gardens. It is the largest green area in the capital and home to a huge variety of vegetation, wild fauna, not to mention a lake, jogging track and butterfly house. Ah! And there is no entry fee, night or day. A picnic would be the perfect way to enjoy this piece of nature in the “big city”, right? 😉



Parque das Rosas
Parque das Rosas. Photo: @goianianocoracao

Bosque dos Buritis
Bosque dos Buritis. Photo: @thiagsousa

Jardim Botânico de Goiânia
Jardim Botânico de Goiânia. Photo: @wsmartins


7 PM – Happy Hour!



As the day draws to an end, what’s on everyone’s mind? Happy hour, of course! Goiânia offers an array of bar and restaurant options to enjoy the day’s end. You might even enjoy getting into the rhythm of sertanejo music, which is hugely popular in the region.


Villa Mix and Woods are famous nightclubs in several parts of Brazil and an excellent option for those after some great drinks and dancing up close (hey there, good-looking!). The agenda for shows is always filled with regional and national sertanejo duets, so there is no lack of options for those hoping to enjoy the Goiânia nightlife.


Now, if you’re not really into the party scene, but prefer a quieter bar, we also have a few great tips. Goiânia has it all: simple and relaxed bars, with a sertanejo or rock vibe.


Bahrem Bar & Restaurante is one of the most traditional spots in Goiânia, perfect for anyone keen for an ice-cold beer and an incredible menu. Barzim Cervejaria e Restaurante is a great place to try an array of beers, as the establishment serves a variety of traditional and craft labels.


Moony Food Drinks & Style is a place with a younger and more relaxed crowd. The decor combines street art with an industrial setting, and the house menu (created by Álvaro Gasparetto) features superb drinks and delicious dishes from the contemporary culinary circuit. Not one to miss! If you dig that rock n’ roll vibe, head straight for Mönch Bier Pub. Rock, blues and classic 80s set the mood. The venue is a bar/pub, so you can try a few great craft beers accompanied by tasty snacks. 😉



Mönch Bier Pub
Mönch Bier Pub




Bahrem Bar & Restaurante
Bahrem Bar & Restaurant




11 PM – Ready for bed!



Once you’ve seen the city, there’s nothing better than collapsing onto a comfortable bed in your hotel, right? 😁

The excellent location and comfort of the Golden Tulip Goiânia Address make it the perfect option for ending your day on the right note.



Golden Tulip Goiânia Address
Golden Tulip Goiânia Address


Now that you’ve got the perfect itinerary, let’s get out an explore every corner of Goiânia!

Bon voyage! \o/