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Itinerary through Vitória and Vila Velha

A complete guide to enjoying this famed duo in Espírito Santo in the most local way possible

If you believe the only Bermuda Triangle is the one in that weird zone in the Atlantic Ocean… Or, if the only Posto 9 beach stall you know is the one at Ipanema beach, in Rio de Janeiro, it means it’s about time for you to hit the road with us.




Want to know about our next destination? Feeling curious?



Vitória and Vila Velha have a Bermuda Triangle, a Posto 9 and loads more!


The famous duo in Espírito Santo enjoy a warm climate (practically all year long), incredible beaches and abundant nature, with just the right pinch of urban rhythm.


An ocean breeze for pleasant moments outdoors, incredible beaches for soaking up all that necessary vitamin D, beautiful mountains offering stunning views and more than 460 years of history to tell.


A truly tropical itinerary packed with local tips. Let’s get stuck in!


Roteiro por Vitória e Vila Velha


Vitória and Vila Velha: a delightful itinerary with excellent local tips



On the trip to the capital, prepare for stunning landscapes, an ideal climate for enjoying the local beaches, amazing cuisine and much, much more.


Natural beauty and entertainment that make the Island of Vitória – and its neighbor Vila Velha – one of the top tropical destinations to visit, any time of year.


And to enjoy the best of what’s on offer, we have put together an itinerary with insider tips to ensure nothing but good times.


 basta atravessar a ponte Deputado Darcy Castello de Mendonça para curtir o literal de Vila Velha


People who love the sear…


For the people that believe it’s not sugar water that calms the soul, this is the right destination. Vitória is home to several beaches and 34 islands. And if you think that’s not enough, simply cross the Terceira Bridge (officially Ponte Deputado Darcy Castello de Mendonça) to enjoy the Vila Velha coastline.


The famous beach Camburi is always buzzing and one of the most famous. The extensive boardwalk, accompanied by a cycling lane and dotted with kiosks, form the perfect combination for those looking to workout, or enjoy a tasty aperitif ocean-side. In fact, we’ve heard that Quiosque 5 or Camburi Lounge serve delicious snacks with fresh seafood to the sound of local musicians. Feel like putting your water sports skills to practice? Schools offering stand-up paddle, kitesurfing and windsurfing operate close to the pier, and you can also take a schooner tour of Vitória bay.  


Curva da Jurema boasts a calm sea and usually gets busy at weekends. Coconut palms + sand + sea make you feel like spending the day just enjoying the landscape. At Kiosque do Alemão you can snack on everything from cod fish cakes to moquecas. This beach is located close to Shopping Vitória, the biggest in the city. Movie after a day at the beach?  Why not? 😉


Modern and tree-lined, Canto beach is surrounded by modern buildings, stores, bars and restaurants. This is also the bohemian region known as Triângulo das Bermudas (Bermuda Triangle), close to Rua João da Cruz and Rua Joaquim Lírio. Guaranteed good times here!


Think it’s over?


The beaches on Ilha do Boi and Ilha do Frade are a favorite among younger crowds. They’re a little further out and hidden and don’t offer any kiosks. There are beach vendors offering snack though, keeping beachgoers’ hunger at bay.


A wonderful place to visit and one doing great work in terms of turtle conservation is the TAMAR Project. The establishment features thematic spaces and offers guided visits.


And Vila Velha?


The bustling Costa beach has a boardwalk, showers, cycling lane, playgrounds, kiosks, bars and restaurants. Infrastructure that attracts different types of people, offering a very democratic atmosphere. This is also where you’ll find the famous kiosk Posto 9 of Vila Velha. 😀


And there’s more:


Praia de Itapoã, Praia de Itaparica, Barra do Jucu, Praia dos Recifes, Praia do Ribeiro, Ponta da Fruta, Praia da Baleia and Praia Grande. Wow!


If you’re thinking of spending all your time at the beach, there’s certainly no lack of options. <3


Taking in the sights


When it comes to unmissable tourist attractions + unforgettable views, Vitória and Vila Velha check all the boxes. There are so many amazing places to visit (and enjoy) that it’s difficult to decide what to do first.


Basílica de Santo Antônio, em Vitória
Basílica de Santo Antônio. Photo: Carlos Antolini at vitoria.es.gov.br

So, let’s begin with a religious monument called Basílica de Santo Antônio, in Vitória. This imposing basilica, set high up on Rua Ludovico Pavoni, is adorned with stunning frescoes on the interior, painted by Italian Alberto Bogani. It also features stained-glass windows by Carlos Crépaz. Besides its fame as an architectural wonder, declared a Municipal Heritage Site, the view of the city is breathtaking.


Another place for your list is Parque Botânico ValeThe park boasts a green area of 33 hectares, with over 140 tree species and an amazing Sensory Garden, so that everyone can connect with nature through their sense. It’s pure energy!


When staying on an island, a boat trip is always a good idea, right? Schooners for trips through Vitória Bay leave from the Iemanjá Pier, at Praia de Camburi. During peak season, boat tours are available every day. During low season, the tours are at weekends. They’re a great option!


Morro do Moreno, at Praia da Costa, in Vila Velha, is perfect for trail lovers and trips into nature. Extreme sports enthusiasts, such as paragliders, hang-gliders and rock-climbers, also flock to the hill thanks to its 190 meter altitude. There are amazing views and loads of fun. Just don’t forget to take along plenty of water to stay hydrated. 😉


Founded in 1558, the Convento da Penha, in Vila Velha, has already become a symbol of the state. Set on top of the hill, at a height of 154 meters, the view simply couldn’t be any more impressive. From there you can see part of Vitória, Vila Velha, Praia da Costa and the neighboring Morro do Moreno.  Those with a little more energy can climb to the top via 365 steps, though cars and vans also have access to the peak. And for religious devotees, mass is held daily at various times.  Be sure to take a camera to capture all the stunning views. \o/


A little history


There is nothing better that wandering through the center of Vitória to see some of the history behind the seventh oldest settlement in Brazil. One of the features of this region is that it’s divided into Cidade Alta and Cidade Baixa, or uptown and downtown.


In the lower region, Praça Oito de Setembro or Praça Oito, built on the site of the old Customs Wharf, takes its name from the city’s founding date, September 8. A clock made by German clockmaker João Ricardo Hermann Schorling, featuring seven bells, is another important local monument. Praça do Papa is a common location for shows, craft fairs and certain artistic manifestations. It also offers a grand view of the Vitória bay.


The upper part of town can be reached via the Maria Ortiz steps. Maria Ortiz became legend after attacking Dutch pirates in the 17th century with rocks, burning coals and boiling water when they stormed the island. She prevented them from taking Cidade Alta. A true warrior!


In the uptown region, places worth visiting include the Vitória cathedral, Palácio Anchieta (seat of state government), the Church of São Gonçalo (Baroque style), the Carlos Gomes Theater and the church of Nossa Senhora do Carmo (founded in 1682).


Considered intangible cultural heritage, the clay pot is a symbol and part of the culture of Espírito Santo. To make sure you get one to take home, be sure to stop in at Galpão das Paneleiras de Goiabeiras. This production facility offers a tour of the artesian pot making process and sales contribute to the local economy.




Roteiro por Vitória e Vila Velha
Baía de Vitória
Convento da Penha em Vitória é um dos roteiros por Vitória e Vila Velha
Convento da Penha
Roteiro por Vitória e Vila Velha
Catedral de Vitória




And will there be any moqueca in the clay pot? Well, of course!


The best place to try a true Espírito Santo-style moqueca is at the traditional Restaurante Pirão. It has a varied menu filled with seafood specialties.


For more local flavors, try Papaguth, a master of Espírito Santo’s cuisine, with meals ranging from crumbed shrimp to a sophisticated lobster dish.


Enseada Mediterrâneo offers a variety of options like potato wedges with a parmesan cheese aligot and strips of filet mignon, or a crumbed shrimp risotto with buttered mussels. For dessert, a sweet macadamia nut ice-cream might be just the thing.


In Vila Velha, be sure to check out Caranguejo do Assis, which serves typical dishes and, according to locals, the very best crab in the city.


Taurus is the place to go for those after a tasty barbecue. The modern Soeta offers a sequence of crab meat dishes, like soft crab, crab broth and shredded crab meat with peanut and coconut milk and a creamy cilantro foam. How about a green coconut crème brûlée? 😉


And if pizza is more your thing, Don Camaleone has a vast menu that also includes pastas, risottos and salads. But if you simply can’t do without a bit of Mexican chow, hit Los Chicos.


And to wrap things up, if you’re more into gourmet burgers, try Rock Burger which sure to please. 😀




Roteiro por Vitória e Vila Velha

Roteiro por Vitória e Vila Velha



What rock?


To the people of Espírito Santo, rock is any type of outing. So, there’ll be rock, samba, sertanejo and everything else…


To kick off the happy hour, Bar Abertura tas a great atmosphere with live music. With a similar vibe, Bar Di DomDom gets busy early and is especially popular on soccer match days.


Want to get down sertanejo style? Head to Wanted Pub. Or do you prefer a little more pop and funk mixed in with your sertanejo? Well then, Nova Clube is a great option.



Bar Abertura é um roteiro por Vitória e Vila Velha
Bar Abertura. Photo: facebook.com/BarAbertura
Bar Di DomDom roteiro por Vitória e Vila Velha
Bar Di DomDom. Photo: facebook.com/Bar-Di-DomDom
Wanted Pub roteiro por Vitória e Vila Velha
Wanted Pub. Photo: facebook.com/wantedvix/
Nova Clube roteiro por Vitória e Vila Velha
Nova Clube. Photo: facebook.com/NovaClubeBrasil



If you’re in doubt, stick to the region of Triângulo das Bermudas, which concentrates loads of bars, restaurants and clubs. 😉




BH por insiders

Being able to relax in a quiet corner of the city is a luxury, right? Golden Tulip Porto Vitória offers incredible services that are sure to make you feel right at home. And if you want to bring your pets along, feel free, as the hotel will happily welcome them. Check with the staff. <3


Vix em Vitória



Now that you’ve got an intimate look at Vitória, you can already begin to call it Vix, ok? 😉



Ah, if you’d like more tips on these two amazing destinations, we have a weekend itinerary for Vitória and Vila Velha here.


We’re pretty sure you’ll just love this trip.


See you next time!