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Sustainable tourist

All together to preserve and save the planet

Taking care of our planet is increasingly urgent and necessary.


We know that if we don’t adopt new consumption habits soon, resources such as water, animals, and plants will be irreversibly affected.


Some problems, such as the greenhouse effect, increases in global temperature, and the hole in the ozone layer are already well known, right? And we don’t want them to get worse.


Sustainable Tourist


If we already contribute at home by separating waste, taking shorter showers, and turning off the lights in rooms we are not using, why don’t we do the same when we are travelling?


To help with this mission, we prepared a guide with suggestions of small actions to save the planet that will make a huge difference when you are traveling around. 😉


Off to be an aware and sustainable tourist. After all, we are all citizens of the world and the Earth is our big home.

Sustainable Tourist

Want to leave a more sustainable, balanced, and happy planet?



There is always a way to collaborate with the environment and make all our activities a little more sustainable. So come with us.


Sustainable tourist, activate!


* When searching for airline tickets, give preference to direct flights. Direct flights save time and also reduce carbon emissions, which are largest at takeoff and landing.


* Prioritizing hotels that are near where you want to visit is super sustainable. How? You are contributing to a reduction of pollution emissions by using less transportation and touring on foot or by bike.


Did you arrive at your desired destination? Great!


Did you check in and are ready for fun? Yes!


The first tip is to take the same measures you would at home.


Always remember:




* Use the natural light in your room as much as possible! And when you leave, don’t forget to turn off the lights.


* Brush your teeth with the faucet turned off, and save water. 🙂


* Long showers are a thing of the past. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 5 minutes as the ideal  length of a complete and sustainable shower.


* Many hotels already have a smart flushing system, which flushed 3 or 6 liters, depending on the usage option: less water for liquid waste and more for solid. This ensures at least 50% saving per month. To understand the environmental impact, just compare them to the old systems, which demanded up to 12 liters per flush.


* Clothes that don’t need to be ironed also help. – electricity + savings. Total success!


* Take advantage of your vacation and turn off electronic devices. Living simply is in, and energy savings is too! \o/


* If an open window doesn’t resolve the heat problem, use a fan instead of the air-conditioner. It is a good energy saving alternative.



* Don’t forget to take your returnable bag on trips. It will be super useful when shopping at the local grocery store of the market. Who needs a bunch of plastic bags?!


* Bring a reusable bottle to drink water and avoid purchasing new bottles and accumulating waste.


* Gone to the beach! Enjoy nature, the sand, and the sea. But before you leave, don’t forget to clean up after yourself. The same goes for other outdoor activities, ok?


* Enjoy touring on foot or by bike. How about an itinerary for a walk or a bike ride?


Live the life of the city with intensity – like a native. It will be a unique and friendly experience with nature.


* Traveling by car? No problem. Take advantage of carpooling and share a ride with people who are going to the same destination. And when that is not necessary, leave the vehicle parked and use local public transportation. A super positive attitude that is very sustainable.

Ícones ilustrando reutilização e transporte inteligente