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The wonders of Maceió

A breathtaking itinerary for the 'Brazilian Caribbean'

“There’s nothing better in life than calm seas.”


Do you agree? 😉


If this motto is well suited to your life, if it described you down to a ‘T’, if the coast is always (or almost always) your favorite destination for any opportunity, if you cannot imagine spending a season far from the waves, the ocean breeze and the sea, then welcome: this itinerary is for you.


Our next stop: Maceió, Alagoas.


Sun-bleached, white sands. An ocean in unimaginable tones of blue and green. Natural pools straight out of the movies. And dotted with coconut palms that give it a paradisaical air.


For those who appreciate nature and the good life, the ‘Brazilian Caribbean’ is just for you. Let’s go?

White sands, stunning coconut palms, crystalline water and colorful fish. Your taste of the Caribbean is here.




It’s like this: someone from the O Bom de Viajar simply must hit the road and we’re ready to go along for the ride, gathering the very best tips along the way. The reason: to share it all with you! After all, there are no secrets we don’t share, right? 😀


Mariana Teixeira, from the team of those struck with the travel bug from the BHG hotel chain, selected Maceió as the spot for her latest (and well-deserved) vacation. One point for Mari! She’s back with renewed energy and a few great tips for those with a few days in paradise in mind. Spot on! 😉


Come along and discover all the wonders of this tropical utopia. 



Brazilian Caribbean



Beautiful view form the hotel by @mari_sophia

A combination of lush nature and a perfect climate make Alagoas our Caribbean. The number of incredible beaches, with white sands, coconut palms and transparent water is quite astounding. And to top off the view, natural swimming pools offer contact with marine life thanks to some unforgettable snorkeling. Simplicity and happiness in a single package.


Mari, our paradise pioneer, chose Maceió and surrounding region to outline a simply impeccable itinerary.



1st stop – Maceió



Bom de Viajar flag @mari_sophia
Bom de Viajar flag in Maceió

The capital of Alagoas state has one of the country’s most beautiful urban waterfront. Take it from me.


The famed beaches of Pajuçara, Ponta Verde and Jatiúca offer the characteristic beauty of the Alagoas coastline (coconut palms, natural swimming pools and crystalline ocean water), with an added pinch of excitement both day and night. Restaurants, bars, stalls and craft stands, all bunched together to offer visitors the very best experience.


Looking to be spoiled down at the beach? Well then, you’ve made the perfect choice.







This was the beach chosen by Mari to relax and enjoy Maceió. Another point for her!


The tranquil ocean makes exploring the many natural pools by catamaran or jangada sailing rafts a favorite among visitors. Sports like stand-up paddling are also a hit around here. The promenade is perfect for roller-skating or cycling. There is also a skate part for those who enjoy street sports.


The many beach-side stalls and restaurants make life worth living. Lopana Bar de Praia (also found at Ponta Verde beach) is a bustling stop that offers comprehensive service. The establishment includes a restaurant and events venue and the menu offers many local delights. Perfect for events and parties, there is even a catamaran to call your own. \o/


Talking about great food in a bar setting, Terraço is great for enjoying a cold draft beer and the sound of live music along the waterfront.



Lopana beach bar, on the waterfront.
Lopana by @mari_sophia
Cold draft beer served on the beach front.
Time for an ice-cold draft beer.



Ponta Verde



With a near wave-less ocean, Ponta Verde beach is perfect for kayaking and windsurfing. And to take things easy and enjoy the waterfront, the Kanoa beach stall is a must. Take note!


You cannot visit the Northeast and not try a traditional tapioca, right? And to make sure you try the famed carne-de-sol tapioca, or the equally tempting tapioca with strawberries and Nutella, swing by the Tapioca Maria Bonita stall, located on the promenade. A taste of happiness!


After enjoying this spin around one of Maceió’s most charming beaches, head off for some well-deserved rest and comfort at Soft Inn Maceió Ponta Verde. The hotel is brand new, right next to the beach and close to excellent bars and restaurants. What a combo, right? 😀 For those visiting the capital of Alagoas for business or pleasure, Soft Inn Maceió Ponta Verde is the perfect choice. \o/






Even after having seen so much of Maceió’s beauty, one simply cannot help being further impressed by the intense green of the waters at Jatiúca. One of the best bets is to simply take the time to enjoy the ocean view from the waterfront.


Thanks to more consistent waves, this beach is a hit amongst surfers. Do you enjoy running or cycling? Alongside the promenade is a track for those addicted to exercise, even during vacation.


Hungry? There are many beach stalls along the waterfront to make life easy.


For those looking to delight in the flavors of Afro-Bahian cuisine, the restaurant Akuaba is simply stunning and serves seafood sure to blow you away. Our adventurer highly recommends it!


Would you prefer a variety of Brazilian dishes? Divina Gula has options galore for all tastes: pasta, meat, salads, seafood, BBQ, pastels, cheese… The tip here is to take your time?


The charming Bodega do Sertão offers a rustic setting with typical Northeastern decor. It is perfect for trying tasty traditional fare, with loads of charm.


And so as not to return home without getting down to some great forró or other Brazilian beats, Maikai offers a program from Monday to Sunday. Check out the venue’s agenda and party on!





Natural pools of Pajuçara by @mari_sophia

Kanoa Beach Bar

Kanoa Beach Bar at Ponta Verde @KanoaBeachBar


Jatiúca Beach by @ale_borba







You can bet the photo album from this trip will be spectacular!


One of the most popular spots for photo ops is the São Gonçalo Observatory, right in the center of Maceió. Head over to guarantee that selfie with a panoramic view of the city and the turquoise ocean washing the shoreline.


Near there is another spot worth checking out, the Maceió Metropolitan Cathedral. Built in 1840, it is steeped in tradition among locals.



Want more?



Mari dropped by Barra de São Miguel, a small town less than an hour from Maceió, with loads of beautiful beaches, natural pools and good times. So, jot down the itinerary:



Frame 1: Countless coconut palms seen from the observatory looking out to sea. Frame 2: Mari at Praia do Gunga.
Observatory and Praia do Gunga by @mari_sophia.



Praêro Beach Club by @praeromaceio


By @praiadofrances
Praia do Francês by @praiadofrances


Fried fish with shrimp sauce at Bar do Pato by @bardopato

Praia do Gunga + Gunga Observatory:


Calm waters, white sand on the banks of the Roteiro Lagoon, along with beautiful coconut palms and colorful cliffs. A beach buggy trip is well worth it here.




It’s time for some good-living on the beach. Tasty food and loads of, drinks, loungers, sunshades, DJs and shows await you… For those who enjoy privacy.


Praia do Francês


This famous beach is located in Marechal Deodoro, some 20 km from Maceió. It boasts the typical beautiful beaches of Alagoas, offering boat and jangada sailing raft trips along the reefs. People usually rent kayaks and snorkeling gear, too.


Praia do Saco


Next to Praia do Francês, this is a calm beach (almost deserted), sparsely dotted with beach stall to facilitate the good life.


Bar do Pato


Varied dishes with seafood, broths and, of course, duck. This is a great option in Marechal Deodoro. That’s a tip from Mari, got it?



After exploring the bustling Maceió, we’re off to breathtaking views and relaxation along the North Coast of Alagoas.



2nd Stop – Ecological Route, Coast / Alagoas



Still fairly unexplored, the Ecological Route, around 100 km from Maceió, features the seaside villages of Praia dos Morros and Porto de Pedras, part of the municipality of São Miguel dos Milagres, Porto de Pedras and Passo de Camaragibe, home to around 50 km of beaches.


The region is home to world’s second largest barrier reef. That’s right! There is almost 140 km of diving, with amazing marine life and unique experiences.


The route is a true oasis for nature lovers.



Deserted beach on the ecological route along the Alagoas coastline
A must-see for nature lovers.



Tip: To make the best of it and explore as much of the route as possible, the best idea is to rent a car, as it is necessary to make a ferry crossing from Japaratinga to Porto de Pedras.




Praia do Marceneiro


Praia do Marceneiro by @mari_sophia.



Those who enjoy peace and quiet have found just the spot. You know those deserted beaches from the movies? You can check it off your list.


A calm sea and the softest sand (just perfect for those traveling with kids), tranquility and beauty are the main attractions of this beach. Enthusiasts of water spots like sailing and jet skiing will also love this piece of paradise. Let’s go!




Praia do Morro



Transport is via jangada sailing rafts.

Besides the coconut palms and calm seas, typical of the beaches of Alagoas, Praia do Morro is home to cliffs and star fish. Remember Patrick, SpongeBob’s buddy? Well, the bet is, you get to see him face-to-face.


You need to cross the Camaragibe River by jangada sailing rafts and then pass through a coconut plantation. Important: take water, as the beach is literally deserted.




Porto de Pedras



this charming little town is located between São Miguel dos Milagres and Japaratinga. Colorful old buildings, like the São Gonçalo, Nossa Senhora da Piedade and Nossa Senhora da Glória churches give it a real small-town feel.



And the view goes on for miles.

The beach is close to the town center and there is a quaint lighthouse to visit. For those up to the task, a fairly steep walk through stunning landscape takes you to it and the view from the lighthouse is simply wondrous.


For those who enjoy a fresh water dip, at the end of the beach is a river that flows into the ocean. Double the joy! It is well worth a visit!



Praia do Patacho



To the south of the Porto de Pedras beach lies the calm and picturesque Praia do Patacho. Crystalline waters add to the calm and well-preserved setting. Like being alone? Time seems to stand still here.  Perfect for those lazy days when you’ve got nothing to do. \o/


And it was at this paradise that Mari dropped anchor and spent her days lounging about. She stayed at the Reserva do Patacho guest house. What a life!




Praia do Marceneiro por @edsonmartinsdeoliveirajunior
Praia do Marceneiro por @edsonmartinsdeoliveirajunior
Praia do Morro por @interata
Praia do Morro por @interata
Porto de Pedras
Flickr: Porto de Pedras
Praia do Patacho por @reservadopatacho
Praia do Patacho por @reservadopatacho


São Miguel dos Milagres



One of the oldest villages in Alagoas and the region known as  Corral Coast (municipalities part of north coast of Alagoas), São Miguel dos Milagres is home to some of the best cuisine in the state. Fans of crayfish, crab, octopus and other seafood cannot miss out on the opportunity to try these delights.



Seafood is one of the regional attractions.



Make sure to take an outing on a traditional jangada raft to enjoy the local wonders. Natural pools, turquoise waters and a myriad of colorful fish await.


Simply put, there’s no end to the beauty!



Gastronomy Tips



Our traveler recommended three incredible spots along the Ecological Route for those who simply cannot do without a fine and sophisticated meal:



Restaurante da Aldeia Beijupirá
Restaurante da Aldeia Beijupirá – in Porto de Pedras (Praia do Laje). Photo: Promotional.
Restaurante da Pousada do Toque
Restaurante da Pousada do Toque – in São Miguel dos Milagres. Photo: Promotional.
Restaurante da Pousada Xuê
Restaurante da Pousada Xuê – in Praia do Patacho. Photo: Promotional.



Listen up, though. Reservations are a must!



After all of this, I think we can bump Maceió up on the list of the top 5 places to visit yesterday! Right? 😀


Paradise waits for no one!