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Tips to enjoy the best of Natal

From August to March, this is the ideal destination for all tastes.


It’s easy to be happy in Natal:


Good weather (sunny and warm, please!)
Incredible beaches (to choose from)
Great cuisine
Unique outings Loads of history to see and tell

Sunny practically 300 days out of the year, the capital of Rio Grande do Norte, Natal, is home to boundless nature in the form of beaches, dunes and lagoons, while rich in history and always ready to welcome visitors. 😀


There is no bad weather there. Believe me!


Ready to go? O Bom de Viajar went and brought back tips for you to explore all the possibilities of local entertainment. So, let’s go!




Natal por Insiders



Natal, the City of Sun, is always ready to welcome guests with its natural wonders, entertainment and excellent hospitality.




If you love the sun, sand and sea, cool shade and fresh water, the good life and fun times, well then come along. All the good things you’ve heard about Natal are absolutely true. From the shrimp to diving in the high seas, from historical buildings to buggy tours, it’s good times guaranteed in the capital of Rio Grande do Norte.  Truly unique through its characteristics and local culture, there is always something different happening.


You’re sure to have a great time, no matter what you do, even if you just chill out and relax on the beach. But let me give you some advice, amigo! Go ready to enjoy EVERYTHING the city of sun, the dunes and the blue ocean have to offer. Ah, and don’t forget your sunglasses and sun block. Basic items on this trip.


That said, ready to begin?




Everything in Ponta Negra


For those who enjoy being spoiled and practicality, Ponta Negra beach is one of the best. Besides many bars and restaurants, the waterfront feature infrastructure to make tourist life easier. There are sun umbrellas, sombreros, chairs and tents galore.


And for fans of fine cuisine, it’s easy to find typical and delicious fare within reach. Do you like shrimp? Tapioca? Carne de sol? They have it all <3

And while we’re talking about food, you better take note. Tapioca has been a national obsession for a while now, but make sure you try the local stuff. And to try an infinite number of flavors, visit Casa de Taipa. You know that feeling when you pick up a menu and there are so many options it’s hard to choose? Well, there you have it. There is lamb tapioca, chicken and pesto tapioca and even sushi tapioca. Those with a sweet tooth should definitely try the brigadeiro with strawberries and the beijinho options.

Visitors after a wholesome meal should certainly check out Mangai. They serve typical fare in a beautiful setting. Ah, and get ready to tackle some tough names on the menu: gororoba de charque, suvaco de cobra, paçoca (not the peanut-based candy), buchada and so on. Among the huge variety, top points to the carne de sol with cream. One thing we can guarantee: this is love in the form of food. <3 And if the question is “Do you have anything light, without meat?” Relax, they’ve got you covered. They cater to all tastes there.


For those who enjoy combining good food with music, Tábua de Carne has a happy hour every day. You can get quite lost in the menu, but the main focus is beef, both sun-dried and a rodízio of other cuts. (besides meat: their milk rice is sensational. No holds barred!). for those traveling with friends that enjoy a little hustle and bustle, this is a great choice.


And to end the gastronomical tour, you cannot leave before trying a seafood dish, obviously. The very traditional restaurant Camarões is a specialist in seafood and service both lunch and dinner. Tip: the fish with almonds with leave you on cloud nine. 😉


You can already tell that Ponta Negra is a full plate. Ô alegria!
Let’s continue, because Natal is a destination for all tribes.




Casa de Taipa
Casa de Taipa


Tábua de Carne
Tábua de Carne
Tábua de Carne





Surfing, kite surfing, windsurfing and stand-up paddle all have keen practitioners in Ponta Negra. So there’s no laying about! Those wanting to get on the action have to up early. Get tips on companies that offer this service at the hotel, because there is a lot on offer!





For the nighttime crowd, one of the hot spots is Taverna Pub. There’s a different program each day of the week, ranging from sertanejo to rock. Another great option is Decky Bar, which offers live music during happy hour. Loads of Blues and MPB. But if you can’t leave the northeast without first dancing forró, the best bet is Rastapé. Here you’ll hear the rhythm of the accordion and zabumba. 




Taverna Pub
Taverna Pub


And to stay close by, our tip is the Golden Tulip Natal Ponta Negra. The recently inaugurated hotel is very well located, right in front of Ponta Negra Beach, and all the rooms have a spectacular view o the waterfront. Wake up to an ocean view! In fact, the famous Morro do Careca can be seen from there. The massive dune, measuring 120 m high and surrounded by vegetation, was once open to visitation but is now protected for environmental reasons. Another city highlight!





Golden Tulip Natal Ponta Negra Golden Tulip Natal Ponta Negra
Golden Tulip Natal Ponta Negra Golden Tulip Natal Ponta Negra
Golden Tulip Natal Ponta Negra Golden Tulip Natal Ponta Negra
Golden Tulip Natal Ponta Negra Golden Tulip Natal Ponta Negra
Golden Tulip Natal Ponta Negra Golden Tulip Natal Ponta Negra




Now, if you like sand and dunes, you’ve come to the right place.  



Parque das Dunas


To experience part of Natal’s natural diversity, the Parque das Dunas ecological reserve is certainly one of the best places. Woodlands, flora and fauna on an area of 1,172 hectares, with a range of trails for trekking and tours.



The Forte dos Reis Magos

The city’s most famous attraction is the Forte dos Reis Magos, thanks to its incredible history and architecture. The fort is in the shape of a five-pointed star and was built in 1598. It has been the stage of battles in Colonial Brazil and is nowadays a tourist attraction. Sea view and loads of history to retell!




Forte dos Reis Magos
Shopping do Artesanato Potiguar
Shopping do Artesanato Potiguar





There are two places for those wanting to take a little piece of Natal home with them.


Shopping do Artesanato Potiguar has loads of stores, selling everything from bathing suits and bikinis to hammocks (for lazing around in). The other option in the Centro de Turismo, a historic building that, in times gone by, acted as a shelter, orphanage and even a prison. Today, however, it is a shopping center. Besides little stores, there is a forró show called Forró com Turista every Thursday, to get the crowd going.



Rua Chile


The famous Rua Chile is in the neighborhood of Ribeira and is home to cultural centers and show venues in old mansions and warehouses. That is the address of Ateliê Bar, which combines art and music. Do Sol is a cultural center and has a number of musical events. Each November is the popular Festival Do Sol. Another party tip in the region is Galpão 29, with everything from electronic music to pop (check the agenda to make sure it’s the right style). The old architecture and bustling crowd make a visit worthwhile.





Natal and the metropolitan region (all very close) offer incredible beaches, an undeniable fact! 😉


And if you have a taste for adventure, try a buggy tour and spend the day at Genipabu Beach. Along the way, you pass a number dune parks, like Graçandu and Pitangui. And don’t get a fight if you come across people riding dromedaries in true Arab sheik fashion: it’s no mirage. This tour service with the camel’s cousins is the only one of its kind in South America. Everything is perfectly safe and reliably, trust us! 🙂







If you opt for Extremoz Beach, you can visit the Natal Aquarium. Many fish and other marine species are on display at the largest aquarium in the Northeast.


You could also drop by the Pipa and São Miguel do Gostoso beaches, located in Tibau do Sul (around an hour by car from Natal). Beautiful beaches and calm waters, perfect for stand-up paddling. Get all the tips from the folks at 30 Todo Dia, who have already visited and put together an exclusive itinerary for us. 



Sports modalities


Folks, there is no way I can finish this text without speaking about two amazing sports modalities that are hugely popular in the region: skibunda and aerobunda. Basically, the first involves sliding down a dune on a wooden board and diving into a river, lagoon or ocean inlet. The second, more sophisticated, involves sliding down a zip line and falling into a river, lake or the ocean with everything. All this at any beach in Natal near you. 😀




Parrachos de Maracajaú
Parrachos de Maracajaú. Foto: www.praiasdenatal.com.br

Parrachos de Maracajaú


For diving enthusiasts, the best tip is Maracajaú Beach, around 60 km from Natal. Once you arrive at the beach, you have to take a boat to Parrachos, which is an environmentally protected area in Maracajaú. You can snorkel or tackle deeper dives, for the more experienced. Professionals are on hand to guide you through using an oxygen tank for the first time.



World largest cashew nut tree?


Registered in the Guinness Book as the largest cashew nut tree in the world, this centenary species is located in Parnamirim, around 25 km from Natal. The is proof that the largest cashew nut tree is in fact located in Piauí. But controversy apart, it is certainly worth visiting the Ecological Park of the World’s Largest Cashew Nut Tree, the canopy of which covers an impressive 8,500 m2.




Micareta fans that enjoy out-of-season festivities should visit in December. Since 1992, the people of Rio Grande do Norte have set aside some time before the year-end festivities to enjoy Carnatal. It is a super party with a number of national attractions and loads of excitement. It’s worth checking out.


Any doubt that Natal is a city to enjoy?  


There is something for everyone. Fun or relaxation, head there and decide